A clean and light CSS library for personal portifólio build

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Don't waste your time

No more adding a bunch of classes and memorizing padding and margin numbers.

The hu.css is made using SASS, one of the most used css libraries on the web. All the html content is manipulated trought the scss file and cimpliled in CSS.

With happyunicorn.css you can edit and manipulate your html styles directly in the css file!

Install Guide


You can install hu.css using the npm command

Npm install happyunicorn


The CSS is also found using the CDN link


No need of hundreds of classes

The hu.css is made by using SASS mixins. You just need to declare the css classe and import the styles directly on the css file.

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@include based

With the hu.css you import the styles using @include, the styles are simple to edit and you can import as many as you need. The css delcaration boby will became more clean.

Simple instalation

You can download our css file or copy the HTML template below to star using the library using the CDN links.

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The Team

Amanda Kuller

Front end developer

Josh Miller

Back end developer and designer

Mike Lorenzo